It's right before the holidays, and we're excited to announce a few new features from our team.

November and December went by in a flash. All the while we've been hard at work making Recommended Systems a better experience. This includes quality of life improvements and building some of the capabilities that we've missing.

One of those is email monitoring. We tested an early version during Black Friday and it came in very useful for monitoring and comparing the promotions our competitors were running. Having passed the bar during peak email season, we're now launching it for everyone.

But enough lead in. What are the updates?

New Updates

Launching "Email Monitoring"

It's still in early iterations, but we're excited to announce the launch of our email monitoring tool.

It's super simple to get started with it:

  • Go to any individual Competitors page and you'll find a unique email address.
  • Click to copy that email, and then use that to sign up for that compatitor's newsletter or mailing list.
  • Whenever an email comes in, you'll see it show up in the Email Monitor section, as well as on the homepage and competitor's page. You can click into the email to see what its all about, and we're working on adding flags and annotations as well.
  • Sometimes an email list will ask you to confirm your address. Just go to the Email Overview and if you see that email come in, click to open it and confirm your registration.

It's that simple!

The email monitoring overview. Turns out, some of our demo competitors are sending emails almost every other day. Whelp!
When you click in to the email, you'll get the full, live, clickable email. Here's one from our very own Dragon Blood Balm org. Did you know we just released a limited winter edition balm that you can buy on 

Simplified Navigation

One interesting thing we recently noticed is that our feature branding wasn't resonating. When we talked about a feature with it's "name", it led to confusion. When we talked about a feature by its purpose, it would instantly click for folks.

So we took that to heart and renamed some of our core capabilities. You'll notice the new sidebar contains Competitors (formerly Org Manager), Web Monitor (formerly Radar), Email Monitor (we were going to give it a fancy name but didn't get around to it), Battle Cards, and Notes. You might see this terminology continue to evolve and match the way customers speak about the features.

We also noticed that as the competitors and capabilities added up, the sidebar could grow to be a bit unwieldy. So we've added click-to-expand functionality as a small quality of life improvement.

Our new, cleaner, simpler sidebar. 

Bug Fixes and More

  • Fixed a bug on new battle card creation where it wouldn't load new cards until you refreshed the page
  • Updated competitors to load in alphabetical order in the sidebar
  • Replaced .svg icons with font icons across multiple pages to reduce page load times
  • Removed note labels from the homepage for a cleaner, more streamlined experience
  • Fixed the formatting for tables to not hide overflowing content

And that's a wrap for this edition!

As always, we're excited to hear your feedback and ideas. Don't hesitate to reach out to if anything comes to mind.